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The Times Are a Changing
for African Fintechs (cont.)

My perspective is consistent with the McKinsey view.

  • Success will depend on delivering operating leverage to help maintain margins, demonstrating management has a clear understanding and command of its business.
  • Know your customer, assess, segment and serve appropriately. Identify and truly know your best customers and hold them close.Take care of the customer. Solve for their needs not for your wants.
  • Rather than trying to be a “unicorn” make sure your company is not a “one trick pony”, a fintech with a single product of market success. Investors will be looking for fintechs that prove they can grow into new markets and extend product lines while leveraging what they have built.

Changing and challenging times for fintechs in Africa, times that separate the winners from the also rans, times when great companies are built.

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