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Onboarding Challenge (cont.)

To address the onboarding challenge BialekGroup has developed The Accelerator, a service that focuses on successfully managing the key onboarding drivers:

  • Business Model - Verify that the use case is feasible and creates sufficient value for all stakeholders to achieve their financial goals. If any one of the stakeholders is losing money the program is not sustainable.
  • Financial Model – A financial model that is comprehensive encompassing the full program P&L. Too often FinTechs and BIN sponsors are surprised by unexpected expenses. These surprises cause delays and reduce confidence and trust n the process.
  • Compliance/Regulatory – Ensuring the correct licenses and commercial agreements are in place. Many times these requirements are identified after an onboarding has begun. This late identification is another source of costly delays.
  • Technology - A shared understanding of who does what needs to be established at he start and then progress against delivery tracked closely to a successful competition.
  • Project Office – A profession resource dedicated to and focused on a successful on time delivery of the project.

The Accelerator can advance your FinTech strategy and BialekGroup is ready to help.

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